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3/23/2011 07:14:27 am

I'm still enthused and waiting for my Bronze Pack. I have a very intelligent sponsor and he is sharing a wealth of information to help me succeed. Together the LOUgold team and I will climb the ladder of success through the company and we will have financial freedom. Had my first presentation today 03/23/2011 and I had to call my sponsor, they were tough, wanting more free samples and wanted me to sale them the product wholesale. Give me some samples for 2 weeks so I can see if it has an effect on my health, even though I showed videos, had the GOLD magazine,and explained the red mushroom, Ganoderma, gave samples of the Lotte', ect. They didn't sign up but I got a promise for an order when my Bronze Pk arrives. I let them get to me by responding, "By not purchasing and drinking the Organogold coffee that tells a lot about a person on how the feel about their health and well being, and this set the person off. Oh well one to the next prospect.

6/1/2011 06:34:22 pm

Ganoderma does not lower blood sugar. But it does do positive things to help a diabetic person manage their condition with amazing success. I am writting a guide to show how this works. Check back in for the location.


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